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Coding Assignment: Incorporate the pixels of an image (or video) into a Processing sketch.

Solution A: Processing Code

Solution B: Processing Code

NOTE: Due to the usage of a webcam, this code will not run via the applet. Download the code and run it locally

Both solutions are based on the idea of photomosaic. The overall image, in this case video, is composed of scaled down duplicates of the original image. Each of these scaled down duplicates is tinted to represent the overall pixels (sections of the original image) it is replacing. By focusing on the canvas at large, the overall image can be seen clearly while the smaller images seemed pixelated, and vice versa.

In Solution A, the camera capture dimensions (640 x 480) is the same as the output/screen dimensions. In Solution B, the output/screen dimensions (1280 x 960) is twice the size of the camera capture dimensions, and the code reflects the adjustments needed to display the image properly.

It is important to note that the order of the image called to be ‘drawn’ on the screen is important. In Solution B, for example, if the four ‘image()’ methods are called in a different order, it will not display the output correctly.

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