Final Project Proposal

Final ICM Proposal

November 28th, 2010 in Computational Media by 0 Comments

Assignment: Final Project Proposal for Introduction to Computational Media

People enjoy playing games. Folks would rather spend countless hours trying to pass level after level than socializing. There is a push in the gaming industry to bring the social aspect into the gaming world. Originally what started as a one person game evolved into a two-person game where the games would see each other physically. Games later evolved to include online multiplayer, which allowed a great deal of people to socialize, but removed the physical aspect. Recently there has been a move to bring back the physical socializing aspect of gaming, with games like RockBand and consoles like Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo Wii. The problem with these solutions is that while the games are socializing, they are not meeting new faces, places, and adventures. These games and consoles allow for physical socializing in a location all to common: our living rooms.

For my final project, I would like to design & develop a dynamic web-based application for the Android that merges location-based gaming with physical computing.

The program itself is a bingo game, where the gamer fills up the bingo board by visiting the bars. Once the gamer gets bingo, he/she gets to press the bingo button and celebrate his/her victory.

The app itself will be coded using Processing and Java. To gather information from the web, Yahoo! APIs will be used.


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