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Motion Breaker

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Coding Assignment: Complete midterm assignment. Document the “larger idea” for the project, as well as your”one-step” implementation exercise.

Project: Motion Breaker. Players must break all the blocks on the screen by using their body as a game controller. Blocks must be broken in a proper sequence in order to win the level.

Larger Idea: Multi-level timed game where players must break blocks in a proper sequence. High scores, which are sent to a server and displayed in the game, are achieved by taking the least amount of time to break blocks.

One-Step Implementation:

  • Create block class
    • Animate blocks
      • Startup animation
      • In game animation
      • When blocks are knocked
    • Start cleaning code
  • Create driver class
    • Add computer vision
    • Create user interface (UI)
    • Add motion detection
  • Add communication between driver & block classes
    • Getter & setter methods
    • Other support methods
  • Comment Code
    • Mark areas to redesign and/or fix

Solution: Mac, Windows


For simplicity sake’s (and due to being a midterm), code has been compiled as an application.

Creative Process: Originally I wanted to start with a “Simon Says” time game, and spent a good eight (8) hours coding it. At the end the the day, I was not happy with the code. It was too complex, sloppy, and I did not feel it represented my skill set. I metaphorically “threw away” the code, and started from scratch. I wanted to design & develop a game where the player could see a pixelated version of themselves trying to knock down blocks. The idea of having one block that must be knocked down at the end was implemented in order to prevent the player from just waiving their hands around to knock down blocks. Giving precision makes the player be more focused on playing the game.

Issues: As stated above, the code should be cleaned and made more efficient. Not only will this help me if I work on the code later, but it will make it run faster and have less slag.

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