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Bridging the gap between location-based gaming and physical socializing, one bar at a time.

: BarBingo
Platform: Android
Author: Ezra Velazquez
Release: Dec 13th, 2010
Technology: Android OS, Processing, JAVA, Yahoo API
Version: 1.0

: “Click Here” to download app for your Android-enabled phone

Note: Developed for (480 x 800) screen resolution



Final project for Introduction to Computational Media at ITP – NYU

Purpose: BeerBingo attempts to bridge the gap between location-based gaming and physical socializing.

How it works:

  • Gamer enters zipcode
  • App accesses database to gather relevant information
  • Gamer is presented with a bingo board with nine (9) touchable tiles.
    • Each tile represents a bar. When tile is touched:
    • Revalant information for the bar is shown
    • Map of bar’s location is also shown.
    • Gamer can either select ‘yes’ for if they visited the bar or ‘no’ if they have not
      • Clicking ‘yes’ takes gamer back to the bingo board, with associated tile blacked out andĀ unresponsive
      • Clicking ‘no’ takes gamer back to the bingo board, and associated tile has full functionality
  • Once gamer gets bingo:
    • Click on bingo button
    • If Bingo has been achieved, go to congratulations screen
    • If Bingo has not been achieved, stay in bingo board screen.


  • Issue: Slow data load
    • Solution: Loading screen implemented
  • Issue: Non-digits entered
    • Solution: Only accept digit input
  • Issue: Non-existant zipcode
    • Solution: Asks for zipcode again
  • Issue: Wrong digit selected
    • Solution: Delete key offered on-screen
  • Issue: Prematurely selecting continue button
    • Solution: Continue buttons disabled until gamer enters appropriate info

Development Process:

  • Get API’s working properly
  • Design Bingo Board
  • Determine classes & objects needed
  • Develop classes
    • Front-End
      • Bingo Board screen
      • Detail screen
      • Bingo screen
      • Input screen
      • About screen
    • Back-End
      • Main API class
      • Map API class
      • Bingo Algorithm
      • Keypad
  • Integrate classes
  • Button functionality
  • Debugging Mode
    • Debug Code
    • Comment Code
    • Clean Code
    • Make code efficient
  • Export for Android


  • Designed for 480×800 px screen. Performance on other resolutions will vary.

Future Development:

  • Implementing GPS to populate bingo board based on gamer’s location
  • Implementing GPS to mark bars visited by gamer

Solution: Code

Note: Please Drink Responsibly

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