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Pillars of Support: Protection of wetlands / wildlife in the Yolo Basin

  • Local Residents
  • Local Businesses
  • Local Education System
  • Local Media
  • Local Bureaucracy

Layers of a Pillar: Local Residents

  • Well-Off
  • Farmer & Wine
  • Blue-Collar
  • Gold-Collar
  • Elderly
  • Temporary

Loyalty-Pie: Well-Off Families

  • 30% – Family
  • 05% – Security
  • 05% – Environment
  • 05% – Job
  • 20% – Health
  • 20% – Education
  • 05% – Friends
  • 10% – Happiness

Persona: Well-Off Family Member

  • Name: Harmony
  • Married for quite some time.
  • Mother of two daughters, both recent college graduates who visit frequently
  • Like doing community service
  • Take classes offered by the University to the community
  • Educated, attended a big university, majored in Geology
  • Retired, but used to work in environment-related jobs.
  • Like going camping with family and friends
  • Likes her smartphone for easy SMS with daughters
  • Lives in a college-town
  • Likes to go for walks
  • Enjoys the farmer market
  • Financially stabled and considers her family well.

User Stories: Based on persona

  • I care about the area  & neighborhood
  • I want my family to be healthy
  • I want my children to learn about their surroundings
  • I want my children to have a well-rounded education
  • I am hesitant to learn new technology.
  • I like playing with gadgets
  • I want a safe & clean place to live
  • I do not worry about my income
  • I do not let my job dictate my life
  • I am financially secured
  • I strive for a healthy & active lifestyle
  • Education is important for me.
  • I like being involved with the community.
  • I take classes offered by the university to the community.
  • I like to know what’s happening in the community.
  • I like to fund causes that will better the environment.
  • I consider myself a well-educated person.
  • I like to show my friends my latest gadget.
  • I like to do activities with my friends.
  • I like partaking in the outdoors.
  • I like receiving SMS instead of checking email.


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