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Type: SMS-Based App, featuring mobile-web & traditional-web aspects
Style: Burst, async.
Cause: Bring awareness to the community of the importance of wetlands and wildlife, specifically in the Central Valley of California.
Organization: Yolo Basin Foundation

General Notes:

  • Promote events to get the word out
  • Both coordinator & community will use it
  • Community has the option to opt-in, opt-out
  • Coordinator will ‘blast’ community with SMS.

The App:

  • Users opts-in (bootstrap)
  • Coordinator blasts of events, with url for more-info
  • Ease of use: Coordinator fills out form via computer, script generates mobile-specific page, SMS, and url.


  • Keep community informed and educated about the wetlands and wildlife near their homes
  • Allow donators to see how their money is being spent

In 60 Secs:

  • Community member can read SMS

In 60 Mins:

  • Community member can read the link associated to the SMS
  • Coordinator can compose content for webpage & SMS

User Stories:

  • (Community) I want to be updated with reminders of events happening
  • (Community) I want to read more about the event if I have time.
  • (Community) I want to opt-in and opt-out easily
  • (Community) I want to receive reminders where I don’t have to look for them.
  • (Coordinator) I wan to easily compose message

Think About Where & When:

  • (Community) Anywhere, anytime I can get reception
  • (Community) Should not be too intrusive with my lifestyle
  • (Coordinator) Sitting at computer to compose

Devices To Aim:

  • For SMS, any mobile device
  • For mobile web-based community content, Android devices

Hand-Written Notes:

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