Pencil Mock

Week 1

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  • Find a mobile app that you think is a good representation of Social Activism.
    • Seafood Watch
      • Developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
      • Bring attention the issue of bad fishing practices and its effects.
  • Design your first Cause-based mobile app, promoting a cause of your choice.
    • Cause: Protect the Central California Wetlands, more specifically, the Yolo Basin.
    • About App: Allow user to read up on living species (animal & plants) in the area, events being sponsored, donate button, the importance of wetlands.
    • Closely Resembles: Seafood Watch app; educate the user with knowledge and steps they can take.
    • How: Educate selected groups: Youth, Local Community, Businesses, Hunters, “Crunchy Type”
      • Mock via pencil drawing

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