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February 28th, 2012 in Interactive Telecommunications by 0 Comments

Assignment: Come up with a midterm project idea. Give some background (why you want to do the project) as well as a development plan.

For the midterm, I would like to develop a set of module mini-games (aiming for three) that can be access from any type of phone. I would also like to keep track of the user’s score over multiple sessions.

I want to do this project for a few reasons:

  • Provide entertainment in bite-size chunks
  • Create games that are compatible with legacy hardware
  • Create a project that is not limited to users of a certain phone type or brand
  • Create a games that are not only entertainment, but also provide brain tune-ups.

The three games I currently have in mind are:

  • Simon Says
  • Math Blaster
  • Tone Matcher

Development plan:

  • Get AGI script for one game working
  • Port script onto Asterisk server
  • Create Main Menu
  • Create AGI script to track user’s score

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