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February 26th, 2011 in Home Categories by 1 Comment

Reading notes on Oliver Reichenstein’s “Designing for iPad: Reality Check”

  • iPad screen is sharp, but using typography is a tricky issue.
  • Have to worry about the typography looking pixelated due to the screen having a higher resolution than an iMac, but lower than an iPhone
  • “If web design is Lego, iPad design must be Duplo”.
  • Good to use noise backgrounds to make the text-to-background contrast less harsh.
  • Lots of rules to follow for designing for iPad.
  • If using 3D to imitate objects, use sparingly, otherwise its overkill.
  • Kitsch is just “tacky” (making the product look too much like the real thing).
  • “If you use favor style over function to make something look like something it is not, you are not a product designer, you are an illusion artist.”
  • Use special effects sparingly.
  • Use metaphors sparingly. Do no use weak metaphors or bad UI metaphors, they get old and annoying quickly.
  • The market might be bigger, but it has a shorter life span.
  • “Minimize input, maximize output”. Make it as easy as possible.
  • “Don’t waste screen estate and user attention on processing secondary functions”. The smallest point area has to be bigger than the tip of a male user’s index finger.
  • “If it works on the iPad, with a few tweaks, it will work on a laptop.”
  • Scrolling is much better than swiping.
  • “In order to make the user feel in control of an iPad app you either need a strong and simple structured overall content model that is consistent with the mental model of most users”.

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Ezra–you are truly brilliant! Thank you for “Rodney” et al. They look like lots of fun! Although I am 81, I am a beginning Arduino worshiper, with a long history of working with MSFT.
So, what’s the best (cheapest!) place to buy modules, and stuff? These little things can get to be quite expensive, right? Is there an Arduino-like club in NY where people can meet and interface? I live in Westchester and belong to the non-profit PC Users group ( Maybe someday you can come up and give us members (a few hundred) a short talk on what you do?
In any case, Keep up the great work. If you do not make tons of $$, at least your life will be worthwhile and full of creative fun. Don’t quit!
Bill Schachter
Scarsdale, NY

Bill Schachter


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