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April 10th, 2011 in Interactive Telecommunications by 0 Comments

Notes on “The Web Is a Customer Service Medium”, by Paul Ford.

  • Writers want to feel superior since they work in publishing. They want to feel as they are pushing culture forward.
  • Every medium has a niche.
  • The web is great at emulating other mediums.
  • When its on the web, everyone wants to be consulted on your work.
  • People seem to take ownership of things online, they want their opinions to be heard.
  • Wikipedia – Let humans be consulted.
  • YouTube – show videos, comment, opinion changes rank
  • Ask MetaFileter & Reddit bread & butter is the WWIC problem.
  • StackOverflow is only when other folks are involved.
  • The web is not for publishing, its for customer service.
  • Moderation in customer service = editing in publishing
  • People enjoy niche experiences so much they will pay for them.
  • Other mediums are finding ways to keep the wall up, but the web will always be open for complain.

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