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Media Controller – IPC

November 15th, 2010 in Electronics by 0 Comments

Phase 3 of 3 for Media Controller Project. Having a deadline glomming over us, the group shifted into high gear.

Ladies and gentlemen, my group’s media controller project.

In a nutshell, MousePed is a giant mouse pad music controller for your feet. Step on one of the 15 pads hidden underneath the mouse pad, change the volume of individual tracks.

Equipment for this project is as follows:

  • (1) Arduino
  • (1) CD74HC4067
  • (15) 100-ohm resistors
  • (15) home-made pressure sensors
  • (1) XBee Wireless Shield
  • (1) XBee Explorer Dongle
  • (2) XBee 1mW Chip Antennas

A few notes of ome of the equipment:

  • CD74HC4067 chip – Arduino decides which of the 16 available channels to listen to by using a 4 level truth-table.
  • XBee Wireless System – Both XBee Antennas talk to each other using the handshake method. This method makes sure that the buffer will not overflow by only sending data when requested.

References used are from CD74HC4067 datasheet, Tronixstuff (XBee shield),  and ITP Tutorials (XBee modules).


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