Media Controller Project Phase 2

Media Controller Pt2 – IPC

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Phase 2 of 3 for Media Controller Project.

This phase took a while get get off the ground. My colleagues and I knew that we had to not only finish constructing the sensor pads, but actually figure out what type of media it would control.

We gathered in a classroom and started to pitch ideas to each other again. Some where good ideas, some where awful ideas, but we knew we couldn’t leave until we had an idea we liked. Since we couldn’t come up with the perfect idea, we started testing the pads. They where placed on the floor and had a yoga mat placed above them, so they could be stepped on without people getting injured. While the pads where being tested and calibrated, someone else in the room started playing music, and Fernanda eventually started dancing on the pads. When we saw the graphical results of Fernanda’s dancing on the pads, we figured out exactly what the project would control.

We decided to create a yoga pad that will control the volume of an array of ambient sounds in a room. The volume in return will control the lighting of the room.

Now that we knew exactly what the controller is manipulating, everyone was assigned tasks. Hardware construction & wiring was assigned to Fernanda; Software & Processing was assigned to Toby; Hardware and user interace was assigned to me.

Given that we had quite a few pads to finish, I helped Fernanda on the construction of the pads. I got quite a few burns soldering mesh with jumper wires. No pain no gain, right?

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