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Media Controller Pt 1 – IPC

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Assignment: “Media controller project. Make a physical device that controls a medium. It should control the medium in real-time, so that the user can change her actions and see changes as they affect the medium. There are lots of media: digital video, digital audio, electronic or acoustic sound, physical media like paint or ink, and others.”

This is the first project for IPC where we have to work with groups. We met couple of times times two weeks ago to discuss concepts, toss ideas, and figure out what we are physically able to create. The concept of touch kept resurfacing in our discussions, so we decided to narrow our project  and allow touch to be the media controller.

The project is currently broken down into three phases. Phase 1: Construct sensors and have a working prototype. Phase 2: Functional media controller with clear output. Phase 3: Prepare for web presentation.

The media controller for this project is a yoga mat. People doing yoga on the mat will have the capability to dynamically control media. To make this idea a reality, a yoga mat will be fitted with multiple home-made sensors.

The sensors are constructed by sandwiching one (1) piece of conductive foam between two (2) squares of mesh-wire. One of these square is assigned anode while the other is assigned cathode. In order to get a reading from the sensor, the anode is connected to power, while the cathode is split between GND and Analog In on the Arduino. The foam inside the sensor separates the mesh-wire, meaning there is great amount resistance between anode and cathode. By applying pressure to the sensor, resistance will dropped due to the two squares of mesh wire getting closer to each other. Overall the sensor works like an oversized six by six (6×6) inch resistor.

On a side note, there is a little bit of Fernanda Bak and me in these sensors. Mesh-wire doesn’t play nice when you’re cutting it to exact sizes. We should have worn gloves, but you live and learn.

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