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Part 1: Using your findings from your Summative Evaluation during class, brainstorm a design solution for at least one of the usability issues uncovered during the testing. Wireframe or mockup your final concept.

  • One major usability issue uncovered was finding information on the directory. Our test case, a junior journalist, was having issues finding the blogs she particularly wanted to to read or thought where the most relevant. All the information was in front of her, it was just badly presented, so she had a harder time finding the correct blogs.
  • The blog directory was reorganize by having the left side of the screen display articles that fall under the category (in the image, its news). On the right, individual blogs that fall under the navigation category are presented.
  • This allows for easier navigation of blogs. For example, if the user wanted to read about science, but does not know the difference between the science blogs, he/she can look up all recent articles being published by those blogs. This allows users who are new to the NYT blog system a smooth introduction. For more experienced users, they can pick his/her blog choice from the right.
  • Summative Evaluation notes (hosted on GDocs)

Part 2: Prepare for project speed dating by composing a list of questions for our potential clients.

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