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WeFeelFine, now with user-driven animation!
Name: WeFeelFine Update
Platform: Desktop
Author: Ezra Velazquez
Release: October 16th, 2011
Technology: Processing, Java
Code: Click me to see code AND implementation
Version: 0.3

About: Assignment for Week 4 of Data Representation at ITP | NYU. “Build out our We Feel Fine example so that pressing the ‘g’ key sorts the FeelingEntry objects depending on their reported gender.”

Notes:I decided to add some more ‘oomph’ by being able to separate by location. So pressing ‘t’ moves the ‘genderless’ objects to the top. Pressing ‘f’ moves the ’0′ to the left. Pressing ‘h’ moves the ’1′ to the right. Pressing ‘b’ moves all objects back to the middle. Pressing ‘g’ moves all objects to their respective section.

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