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The Case Against ‘Art Games’ – Charles J Pratt

  • Games “should be created primarily by the mechanics of the game rathern than decorations.
  • Cannot have meaning without a visual element to trigger what it signifies.
  • Many different interpretations of “The Marriage” the first art-game.
  • “The Marriage” relies on the representational layer as it does on pure mechanics.
  • Name changes the interpretations and mechanics of the game.
  • Art-games shouldn’t use content like other games, because other games can be considered Art-games.
  • What seperates art-games is the subject matter, but then we have to deal with games that have non-traditional themes.
  • Games where never “art” until art-games where created?
  • Some folks say its just a name, the genre doesn’t follow mainstream.
  • Art-game creators should learn a little bit more about how to make games.

The Video-Game Programmer Saving Our 21st-Century Souls – Jason Fagone

  • Video games lack legitimacy, and being able to connect on a personal level.
  • Middle-age-men want to make games that are not murder simulators.
  • Video games lack “a basic grammer of emotion”.
  • Art games are “procedural rhetoric”, ie, don’t ask why, just accept it.
  • Jason Rohrer is a legitamite auteur of games. He lives the lifestyle.

Fear and Gaming: Being and Nothingness and “Minecraft” – Jonathan Gourlay

  • In Minecraft, “existence really does precede essence”.
  • If you loose something you really love, it will haunt you.

Game: Every Day the Same Dream

  • Reaction: Depressing
  • Notes: Great minimalist feel, good color scheme

Game: Passage

  • Reaction: Depressing
  • Notes: Retro-arcade style feel

Game: Minecraft

  • Reaction: Worried
  • Notes: Massive headache playing this game. You’re free to do everything, but not sure exactly what to do.

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