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Yolo Basin Event SMS Notification
Name: SMSBroadcast
Platform: Desktop, SMS, SmartPhone
Author: Ezra Velazquez
Release: November 1st, 2011
Technology: AJAX, CSS, CSS3, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, jQueryMobile, MySQL, PHP, Twilio
Source Code: Available on GitHub
Version: 1.0


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About SMSBroadcast: Targeting the upper-middle class female population, who likely have SmartPhones, I designed and developed an app to remind them of events happening at the Yolo Basin Foundation. The users send an “opt-in” message to a predefined number, where they receive an automated message back from the server. This registers the users’ number to the mailing list.

When the administrator wants to send a message to the mailing list, he/she types visits the admin page, fills out the form, and submits the message. The content of the form is saved onto a database, while the title & a generated url shortner is sent to all members of the mailing list.

The user receives an SMS message from the Yolo Basin, along with a link to a page with more info. When they click the link, they are taken to a mobile page that contains all the information needed.

The Idea: The idea is based that people still like to receive SMS messages. There is something distinct about having one’s phone vibrate/ring when we receive a message. It is also more socially acceptable to check an SMS message than to check email, and also faster. By making it more socially acceptable, there is a better chance the receiver will tell their friends about it, and in return bring more people to the event. At the event, it is up to the foundation folks to ask for donations.

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