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Assignment: Design a mobile media (audio/photo/video) app that addresses the issue of consent/intent, privacy, identity, anonymity”

Mock-Up can be viewed here

About App: The app is a response to the “WITNESS Cameras Everywhere Report”. While the first hurdle of people having cameras has been solved via the smartphone, the second hurdle hasn’t been addressed yet. This second hurdle is the technical skills needed to produce proper footage. Instead of giving people pages after pages to read, the app guides the user in recording media that protects privacy, identity, and anonymity.
Once the media has been recorded, it uploads it onto the WITNESS YouTube channel. This allows for users to upload content while protecting their privacy, identity, and anonymity. The side effect of this is that it creates a global database of videos that can be easily accessed, all under one user handle. Another side-effect is that WITNESS gets more of a push to be noticed by YouTube and folks on the Internet.
The app is focused towards people who want to participate, but do not know or have the time to learn proper recording techniques.

Design Notes & Mock-Up:
WITNESS Cameras Everywhere Report Notes:
  • The technology exists, and is used, but it has to be labeled properly.
  • Make human rights options more accessible
  • Improve visual privacy &¬†anonymity
  • Dedicated digital human rights spaces
  • Engage with technologists
  • Create a human rights tech network
  • Make tools easy to use

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