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  • Feelings Support – Sometimes folks want to tell someone how they are feeling, but don’t have a support group nearby. They want to communicate with a real person, but are afraid of striking conversation with a stranger. With sms, folks get the knowledge of a real person responding with complete privacy. Sometimes one expresses themselves better via text than voice.

How It Works:

  • User sends a text with their emotions to a specified number (the server).
  • The server finds an available volunteer and relays the message to them.
  • The volunteer responds back to a specified number (the server).
  • The server relays the message back to the original recipient.

From the top-most layer, it looks as if its Human <—> Human. In reality, its Human <—> Machine <—> Human. The machine in this case plays the role of the phone operator.

In the ideal situation, users would send the keyword “Omen” plus their message to a shortcode. Given the monetary restrictions on getting a shortcode via Twilio, I am using the sandbox number as the ‘shortcode’, and the sandbox id as the keyword in this prototype.

Code : On GitHub

Notes: Omen Design Notes (image on new page)

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