Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence

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Chapter 7 “The Feel of a Phantom”, from Visual Intelligence by Donald D. Hoffman
  • Phantom limbs plague some amputees.
  • By touching the stump, some amputees feel that their phantom limbs are also being touched.
  • Certain areas of the stump where mapped to certain areas of the ghost limb.
  • If F.A. was ask to rotate his phantom arm, the map would rotate also.
  • Maps of phantom limbs can also be on the face.
  • All of our senses (touch, smell, taste, hear) are constructed.
  • Touch is normally referred to to check if something is real.
  • If the maps can contradicting information, the phantom limb would alternate between them.
  • It possible to construct complex maps.
  • The somatosensory cortex controls touch and feel. The more sensitivity a body part had, the bigger map they had in the cortex.
  • It is possible for sections in the map of the cortex to invade nearby sections.
  • It is also possible to erase sections of a map.
  • They still have sensation, they just cannot “construct recognizable objects of touch”.
  • In the “cutaneous rabbit”, if a subject is given two taps on his/her forearm, they feel other taps between the two given.
  • Touch is an important sense, but our understanding to control it is minimal compared to sight.
  • The sense of virtual touch is exploited in video games.
  • Soon we will be able to take complex touch-related feelings and create virtual maps for them.
  • “This is a challenging range of feels to create. But where there’s a market, there’s a way.”
  • The idea of construction the response to feeling will be helpful for surgeons, where they can get practice, get the feel, of operating without practicing on actual people.

The mapping of the senses would be a great benefit in the realm of virtual reality. People will be able to get almost a full experience of places or situations that they will never get the chance to partake in reality.

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