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October 17th, 2011 in Data Representation by 0 Comments

100 Year of UK Temperature, remix!
Name: 100 Years of UK Temperature
Platform: Desktop
Author: Ezra Velazquez
Release: October 16th, 2011
Technology: Processing, Java
Code: Click me to see code AND implementation
Version: 0.2

About: Assignment for Week 4 of Data Representation at ITP | NYU. “Pick one of your classmate’s CSV assignments from last week, and re-mix the final visualization. Instead of aiming for informational clarity, be experimental, and see how you can abstractly display the data that was the base of the original visualization”

Notes: I decided to experiment on Ara Cho’s project, which involved 100 years of UK temperature. She had a great chart, and I wanted to keep elements of that in my version. Since temperature is always fluctuating, I decided to also incorporate that into my piece. Finally, since we’ve been doing some animation in class, i wanted to integrate what I learned in class into this assignment.

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