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Chp 5: Deconstruction Information – Lee Thayer

  • Information is part of the system and cannot be taken away from it
  • System is not decomposable.
  • “To speak of bulls…is not the same as to be in the bullring.”
  • People understand what’s in their system.
  • Describe as much as you want, people do not understand whats outside of their system.
  • Order lets us understand.
  • Why are things in order/sequence?
  • Information takes “the path of least resistance”
  • Information is “the link between what we know and what we know it with”.
  • Limits are important.
  • Information “was not seen as the path to anything”, while currently the more information we have, “the closer we must be getting to the ‘truth’ about this or that.”
  • Certain people used to have power, now information itself has power.
  • Information must be turned into meaning in order for the mind to understand.
  • Systems are important too.

What is documentation:

  • “A document is a proof in support of fact”
  • An object must be cataloged before others can derive information from it.
  • Need catalogues, of catalogues, to understand primary documentation.
  • “Knowledge and studies, science and practice could not exist without the efficient exploration of documents and a rigorous organization of documentary work.”
  • The Documentalist keeps track of documents that are about objects
  • The more we know, the more documentation we need
  • Human re-document in different languages
  • There is an overwhelming amount of documentation compared to the earlier years
  • Intellectual work, compared to previous years, has a different rhythm due to all the machines available for documentation.
  • There is so much documentation that a Documentalist is needed to help the scientist sift through documents.
  • Documenting is become more of a skill set.

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