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October 16th, 2011 in Interaction Design by 0 Comments

Assignment: Adding interaction to a non-interactive interface.

We evaluated that the Pitchfork website has the potential for an interactive interface, but currently is very non-interactive. A few things on our re-design:

  • Make the search bar more prominent, to welcome the user to ask questions
  • Make the navigation bar as minimalistic as possible
  • Convert the top ad into an interactive music player, where they can search and listen to artists the website endorses / likes.
  • Take the overload of information spewed on the home page and organize it into three column category spread
  • Removing the “interaction” of reviews. Seems pointless.
  • Adding interaction with the “events” category, where people would want to search for information that is date and location┬ásensitive
  • Move the social media icons as not to have the main attention

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