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October 16th, 2011 in Interaction Design by 0 Comments

Assignment: Critique the MOMA exhibit ‘Talk to Me’!

I personally had mixed reactions to the exhibit ‘Talk to Me’. In one hand, it was great to see how contemporary artists are working to bridge the gap between the communication of people and objects. In the other hand, it seemed odd that companies had their products on display.

I can understand the argument that people would make why it should be on display. These companies (Barclay, JetBlue, MTA) have designed products that has broken down the barriers of communication and ease of use between object and people. They have taken the design of objects that have been iterated multiple times and turned them into art. We’ve been bombarded by countless horrible designs that when we finally see and interact with one that breaks the mold, we consider it art.

Seeing great design that customers interact with should not be considered an art; it should be the norm. Companies need to spend more time on minimalistic-feature & beautiful design rather than adding countless useless features to their objects. Companies that engage with customer should make it their highest priority on designing objects that will ease and enhance the communication between its patrons and the company’s objects. Until then, great designs will be considered art and horrible designs the norm.

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