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Scrounged from all over the Internet:

  1. For web form design, add a dash of quirkiness (communicate personality)
  2. For web form design, break down the steps (make user feel like they are completing steps)
  3. For web form design, validate clearly (don’t make users spend extra time)
  4. For web form design, “people want to interact with elements that feel alive and that follow convention”
  5. For web form design, “make sure that the way of submitting the form is bold and specific”.
  6. For web form design, use clear labels (non-threatening as possible).
  7. For web form design, “selecting items from a list is naturally easier than filling in a blank”.
  8. Include a tagline (“should be the most obvious element on a website’s front page”)
  9. The less graphics the better (“dont’ use extensive graphics”)
  10. Search box must be “27 characters wide” to easily display text.
  11. Put search box on top of web page.
  12. Avoid CAPTCHA
  13. “Be careful of low contrast color schemes”
  14. “Keep the user interface consistent”
  15. “Don’t design graphic elements that looks like a button, but is not”
  16. Reduce the cognitive load (“don’t be afraid of the white space”)
  17. “Long text blocks without images and keywords marked in bold or italics will be skipped.”
  18. Color should be used to group related items.
  19. “Red or green should not be used in the periphery of the visual field, but in the center”.
  20. “Color codes should respect existing cultural and professional usage”.
  21. Use bread-crumbs to lets people know where they have been.
  22. “Site logo links to home page”
  23. “Keep most important website content above to fold”
  24. Clickable labels & buttons
  25. Have active navigation
  26. Add focus to form fields
  27. Increase the hit area on a link
  28. Faceted search on the left
  29. Keep homepages clutter-free
  30. Let users search



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