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Facebook Users and Design Requirements

  • Younger, 3/4th’s are under 34
  • Found discussion forum on about the error message- primary research
  • Folk son Facebook like to look at their personal photos & friend’s photos
    • New Timeline Layout shows this
  • Facebook UI is boxy with squares and rectangles, so our design is keeping to that style.
  • Lucida Grande font
  • Its about them
  • Diverse Background

Persona: Mark Johnson

  • Age: 25
  • Alumni of Michigan State
  • Majored in Sociology &¬†Anthropology
  • Lives in Westfield, Wisconsin
  • Marital Status: Single, but has girlfriend
  • Uses Facebook to keep up with distance college friends and current girlfriend
  • Likes to look at friends’ photos
  • Curates his profile
  • Job: Floor manager at a popular coffee shop
  • Uses his mobile device to check Facebook
  • Likes to skateboard & go on hikes
  • Fan of Zynga, likes Farmville and so does his girlfriend
  • Listens to indie rock (don’t worry, you’ve never heard of the bands)
  • Uses smartphone to take photos when hanging out with friends
  • Likes to photo-document hanging out with friends

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