Art Against Information

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Notes from “FJC-067 Art Against Information: Case Studies in Data Practice”
Data art focuses on using data
Artists mix the meaning of data & information
Information makes sense of data
“data art actively resists, or defers, information”
Indexical Data
- Use datasets as indexes to reality.
- There is no creation of specific data, no measurement.
Abject Data
- Hide the map of the data
- No cleanup of data
- Try to present it as unmanageable
- Junk is structure, or structure is junk.
- Anything is anything, everything is everything.
- Data art tries to generate meaning and information.
Data Material
- Tranduce one form of data into another
- Data can represent itself
Anti-Content & the Artist’s Squint
- Use data practices to abstract or distance ourselves from the source
- “To see ‘reality’, discard information and observe data.”
- Find clues of information in the given data set.
Data Immanence, Data Agency
- Data art turns towerads immersion and sensation
- Data always comes from somewhere.

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