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Mobile Web App

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Assignment 1: Find an example of a well designed or intriguing mobile web app


  • Good use of gradient red buttons
  • Cascading info is wonderful; keeps clutter out by only showing information when requested
  • Menu button and menu display is great, feels like a native app

Reading #1 Notes:

- Mobile web apps Increase the size of their audiences

- Easier to access web-based content

- Cost of production is lower for mobile web content

- Can be accessed via search engines and social networks

- Web apps have native app capabilities

- Makes content more widely accessible

- Even Google isn’t rich enough to create apps for every smartphone platform

- Only have to follow governmental regulation instead of other company’s policies

- More engaged users.

Reading #2 Notes:

- Web application cannot have a proprietary container that locks data from being hyperlinked within it.

- The open web stack does not include H.264 video codec or flash, those are proprietary software.

- According to Ben Ward, software engineers have a short attention span.

- People, including high-profile ones, are using terms incorrectly.

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