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Interactive System – 1/4

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Part 1 of 4 for Introduction to Physical Computing (PComp) final.

Assignment: “Final project. Create a physically interactive system of your choice. ¬†Your focus in this assignment should be on careful and timely sensing of the relevant actions of a person or people that you’re designing this for, and on clear, prompt, and effective response. Any interactive system is going to involve systems of listening, thinking, and speaking from both parties. Whether it involves one cycle or many, the exchange should be engaging.”

For the final project, I will be building a Japanese pop-art inspired shy robot. When she realizes she’s alone, she will dance and call out for her friends to play with her. When strangers approach her, she will become scared and go into ‘panic mode’, by literally collapsing upon herself and ignoring anyone around her.

The robot will have two stages, happy & panic. Below is a list of details for each stage:


  • Standing position
  • Tilts back and forth
  • Calls out for friends


  • Kneeing position
  • Turns off all lights to give the sense of being turned off

Bill of Items (as of 11/21/10)

This project is based off the idea of ‘the most useless box’, where a box turns its switch to the off position a user flicks the box’s switch to the on position. MAKE Magazine calls a different version of this idea the ‘suicide bot 3000′.

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